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1. No pornographic content. If something sexual were to happen in character, it must fade to black.
2. Advertising must be done in the advertising section, no if/ands/or buts about it.
3. Metagaming: You may not use any outside information that your character would not know in character.
4. Godmoding: You cannot just say you hit them, or control anyone that isn't yours(Your Character, Pokemon. etc)
5. respect your peers

Chatbox rules

1. No spam
2. Try and not to argue. If you and someone else are having a fun, friendly argument, fine, but try and not fight for real

RP Rules

1. Please abide by posting order. For example, if player A than B posts, please keep it in that order.
2. If you want to join, please wait for the last person in the order to post.


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