EXP, levels, Stats

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EXP, levels, Stats

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:05 am

Experience is what Pokemon use to level up and gain knew moves and become stronger overall. Experience is gained by K.O. ing a pokemon, trainer pokemon give 10 exp + 5 per level that pokemon has over you, and -1 per level lower. The same goes for wild pokemon, but instead the base value is 5 + 5 per level higher, and -1 per level lower. The minimum amount of experience gained is 1 per KO. To gain a level, a Pokemon must reach a certain threshold of EXP. That EXP is 10+Level. Every 10 levels, this changes to (10+level)1.5, (10+level)2, (10+level)2.5, etc  So, if someone is level 1, it would take them 11 experience to level up, while if they were level 50, it would take 210 experience to level up. However, the level up threshold is not the same for all Pokemon. Psuedo-legendary pokemon and their pre-evolutions are an extra 1.5 times harder to level at all levels, while Legendary Pokemon are 2.5 times harder to level up.

When a Pokemon levels up, the user gets a pool of EV's they may distribute. EV's, or effort values, are what are used to increase your stats as you train. How many each pokemon get per level varies depending on the level you first got the pokemon at. The maximum a pokemon may have is 510, while each stat caps at 255. You get 5 EV's when you level up. Now, I bet your wondering what happens when a pokemon hits level 100 and doesn't have full EV's. Well, in this case, for every pokemon KO'd, the pokemon gains 5 EV's.


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